Release Notes 2023.2


  • KeyShotXR renders can now be attached to Web Viewer uploads, making the XRs viewable on the web.

  • Added Camera Keyframe Animation type.

Security Fixes

  • Updated FFMPEG to version 6.0 due to security vulnerabilities.

  • Updated OpenSSL to version 1.1.1t due to security vulnerabilities.

New Features

  • Color of Brush Shape indicator for 3D Paint is now content aware.

  • Added Motion Blur amount slider.

  • Angle now correctly reflect in brush indicator in 3D Paint.

  • Brush indicator will now be projected onto the object being painted.

  • Added pen tablet with pressure sensitivity support for 3D Paint.

  • Hotkeys for adjusting the 3D Paint Brush size while painting in the Real-time View.

  • Users can upload scenes with multiple model sets, without the need to save them as configuration.


  • Fixed issue with subscription when using background render.

  • Brush Shape indicator is rotated correctly for 3D Paint with Follow Path enabled.

  • Updated styling of buttons in Position texture widget.

  • Removed the warning when rendering to the PSD 32-bit format.

  • Scripting: Import KMP (in addition to MTL) files using lux.importMaterials().

  • Moved Depth of Field accordion above Stereo accordion in Camera Settings.

  • When outputting CMF to PDF format, allows the user to choose the maximum number of columns the table can contain before creating a new table with the remaining columns.

  • 3D Paint now always draws stamp on first click.

  • FBX export supports instancing from KeyShot.

  • Added support for:

    • CATIA V5 3D Read: V5-6R2023 (R33)

    • Parasolid 3D Read: V35.1

    • UG NX 3D Read: NX 2212 Series (until 2212.4000)

  • Improved the drawing distance of objects in the Geometry View.

  • Import support for Maya 2024 files.

  • .u3m import now sets the Color Composite node to the new Overlay mode, rather than the legacy Overlay mode.

  • Added preference option to adjust size of Move Tool gizmo.


  • Fixed a crash when switching Material Type to Wireframe.

  • Duplicating a part contained in a group now properly updates the Scene Tree.

  • Fixed usage of Axalta materials using scripting.

  • Fixed "Ignore Intersecting Geometry" in Gem material to be working again.

  • Fixed issue with workspaces not being saved correctly on multi-screen setups.

  • Fixed record mode icon colors.

  • Fixed rare crash when using legacy texture mapping on ARM.

  • Fixed rare crash when initializing GPU mode with IES lights visible in the realtime view.

  • Fixed direct illumination of diffuse materials viewed through transparent materials in GPU Interior mode.

  • Fix potential crash when deleting groups through livelinking while GPU mode is active.

  • Fix problem where the import of CVS colors would not work.

  • Made a fix to the texturing when exporting to GLTF and 3MF.