What's New

ACES Image Transform

ACES is a new Image Transform option that you can find under photographic image styles. It will show your scene in more natural colors while also preserving the hue of very intense colors.

Color Workflow

The new Color Workflow comes with an updated Color Picker, Multi-color support and a Color Mode which shows a simplified UI view focused on setting up Colorways. Learn more about Colors here.

Download On Demand for Demo/Template Scenes

Demo and Template Scene will now be available on demand from the Welcome Window. This enable you to download them when you need them without taking up unnecessary space beforehand.

GPU Performance Mode

Performance Mode is now available in GPU mode. This allows you to create a smoother work experience in the Real-time view.

Light Solo Mode

Solo Mode is now available for Lighting Objects. This allows you to isolate one or more lighting objects enabling you to work on that specific selection without disrupting anything else in the scene. Learn more about Light Solo Mode.

Material Information - Color Properties

You can now add Color Properties to your CMF Material Information. Simply select what Color Information should be added from the drop-down in your schema editor.

NCS Colors

The KeyShot Color Library has been expanded to include the NCS Color Standard. Learn more about Color Library.