What's New

AxF Metadata

Importing AxF files through KeyShots material importer, will now automatically get the embedded metadata. This allows for an easier integration into existing pipelines.

Color Profiles

For your monitors KeyShot will now automatically use the color profile set in your OS settings, without you having to add them manually inside KeyShot.

KeyShot will also now use the embedded color profile in your textures for more consistency between software.

Coloro Support

KeyShot now supports the Coloro color library.

Curve Fade Improvements

Curve Fade animations have been extended, to now include texture animations.

Multi-Layer EXR

You can now output your Render Layers and Passes into a single multi-layered EXR file.

Physics Simulation Improvements

Physic Simulation has undergone significant performance improvements, cutting down on the time needed to calculate the simulation and making it more reliable.

Web Viewer Improvements

The Web Viewer now gives you the possibility to attach Hero Shots to your uploaded file, allowing you to adding an image with KeyShot quality graphics.

The Web Viewer also includes a VR/AR mode now, making it easy to represent your scenes in a VR/AR setting.

Ray Mask

The Ray mask has been a long standing experimental utility node, in the Material Graph, that now has been fully implemented.