What's New

3D Paint - Pressure Sensitivity

You can now use a pressure sensitive drawing tablet to help paint your 3D Paint texture. The pressure sensitivity can be enabled on brush size, opacity and flow by clicking the icon next to these parameters. You can use it on all these parameters at once or enable them separate from each other.

Asset List

It is now possible for you to multi-select entries in your asset lists, re-order them by drag-and-drop or sort them from A-Z or Z-A.

Camera Keyframe Animation

Camera Keyframe Animations are a new Animation type that work similar to the Object Keyframe Animation type. This will enable you to create complex camera path animations with control over every single Keyframe within your animation.

Learn more about Camera Keyframe Animations here.

Web Viewer - Automatic Configuration

In a scene with multiple Model Sets but without a manually set up configuration, KeyShot will now create a simple configuration when you upload your scene to the Web Viewer. This allows you to quickly toggle between Model Sets in the Web Viewer without setting up a whole configuration.

Web Viewer - 360 Upload

You can now upload KeyShotXRs to the Web Viewer. Simply render a KeyShotXR and attach the [filename].360 file in the upload dialog.