Node Locked License

For this licenses type you will have received a serial code or in some cases a .lic file.

Installing with a Serial code:
  1. Select the I have a Serial Code option and press Next.
  2. Enter/update your details and press Next.
  3. Enter the serial code.
    • If you are online simply press Next and KeyShot will create your .lic file and install it for you.
    • If your computer is not online, press Save request file and KeyShot will generate a request file that you need to email to, to get a .lic file that you can install on that specific computer.
Installing with a .lic file

Automatic Install 

  1. When you receive your keyshot2024.lic file, save it to your computer.
  2. start KeyShot, and select Install a license file (*.lic) 
  3. browse to the keyshot2024.lic file. and press Open. If your license fails to install, check to ensure you have full permissions set on your KeyShot 2024resources folder.

Manual Install 

When you receive your keyshot2024.lic file, you can manually copy it to the KeyShot 2024 resources folder on PC or Mac.

How to Transfer Your License

First you need to deactivate your license on the computer that your KeyShot license is currently registered to. Then you can register it on another PC/Mac.


Make sure you have the Serial code noted, as you will need it to activate your license on the new machine. You can find it in the license information dialog. Windows: Help > License information… MacOS: KeyShot > License information…

  1. Ensure that the machine is online
  2. Start KeyShot and Go to Help > Deactivate License on this Computer… on Windows or KeyShot> Deactivate License on this Computer… on MacOS to deactivate the license.
  3. KeyShot will shut down.

Now you can follow the guide above on how to register a serial code.