KeyShotWeb is an add-on that allows you to create interactive, web-based content for use online, or in PowerPoint, Keynote and iBooks. The add-on may be purchased here.

KeyShotWeb is comprised of KeyShotXR and KeyShot Web Configurator. All content created using KeyShotWeb can be viewed on any touch-enabled devices or display, interacted with using your mouse or finger and does not require a browser plugin to work.


KeyShotXR gives you the ability to turn a KeyShot scene into an interactive 360° visual. With KeyShotXR, you can create and present high-quality, touch-enabled, 3D content for any web browser or presentation software.

KeyShot Web Configurator

KeyShot Web Configurator allows you to turn a Configurator created with KeyShot Pro into an interactive product configurator. Like KeyShotXR, a Web Configurator produces high-quality, touch-enabled, 3D content for use in any web browser or presentation software.


KeyShot Pro is required to create the initial Configurator of your product. In KeyShot Pro, the Configurator is created based on a selection of Pro-level features, like Studios, Model Sets, and Multi-Materials. The Configurator can also be viewed in Presentation Mode and using the free KeyShot Viewer.


When you render your KeyshotXR or Web Configurator it will create a folder containing all the necessary files and images needed. The output can be stored and shared on a local intranet, zipped and shared securely, or hosted online to embed on a website. A webserver to host the files will be needed to view and/or embed the files.