What's New

Automatic Clean-Up of Network Rendering Jobs

You can now enable your Network Manager to automatically clean up jobs after a certain amount of days. Allowing you to keep your job list clean and opening up disk space on your Manager machine. Learn more about Network Rendering.

AxF Material Improvements

AxF now supports specular normal textures as well as roughness textures. Learn more about Measured Materials.

Camera Keyframe Undo / Redo Improvements

Undo / redo has been extended to include more granular control than the previous basic undo / redo on adding and deleting keyframes. Learn more about Camera Keyframe Animations.

GPU Improvement

GPU mode has gotten a performance boost, achieving faster results when rendering on GPU. Learn more about GPU mode.

Image Sharpen effect

Image Styles have been extended with the new Sharpen effect. Learn more about Image Styles.

Improved Real-time Responsiveness to Material Changes

Changes made to your materials will now instantly show in the Real-time View making it easier to adjust and perfect your materials. Learn more about materials here.

Quick Find Node

Press Q in the Material Graph to quickly and easily find the node you want to add. Learn more about the Material Graph here.

RAL Color Library

RAL Colors have been updated to the new 2024 library. Learn more about the Color Library.

Scene Compression

The new scene compression allows for a faster loading time and smaller file sizes. Note that scenes saved in 2024.1 cannot be opened in previous KeyShot versions.

Scripting Quick Run

You can now run your scripts quick and easy directly from the Ribbon. Learn more about Scripting here.

Updated Importers

Importer have been updated to include:

  • Rhino 8


  • Solid Edge 3D 2024

  • SOLIDWORKS 3D 2024

  • NX 2306 Series (until 2306.7000)

Learn more about our Supported File Formats.

Web Viewer - 3D Optional Part of Presentation

The Web Viewer upload now allows you to upload your renderings and images without needing to upload your whole scene. Learn more about the Web Viewer.